Twisted Tongue Twister TV Terror

Hats off must go to the lads over at Chumpstyle. This little gem of a video clip had me in hysterics!

I’ve already sent it to half my outlook contacts, but thought this one was worth sharing with the world.

Japanese Tongue Twister

Only on Japanese TV

4 thoughts on “Twisted Tongue Twister TV Terror”

  1. hahaha thats classic 😀

    The prize must have been amazing (or they are just crazy)…. would love to know what that dude on the right was on about.


  2. ROFL – I guess it must be a guy only show then? Look for a show called Japanarama – it’s got all this kinda stuff – sick twisted funny.

  3. have you seen the one where they try to speak english (in counting section – 10 = ten – 20 = ten ten? 100 = “Ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten ten?!?!?!” lol, they got a whipping and a halve. some funny stuff.

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