Jou Ma Se Epos Cards

Unfortunately, Coda was unable to Spread the Love with the “Jou Ma Se Epos” Mother’s Day cards. Time just wasn’t on his side, and the creative community were a bit slow responding to his request.

I had a couple of attempts at some card designs, and instead of letting them go to waste, I thought they might benefit some cheap ass people. Rather late than never hey?

If you are really desperate, right click and save the images below. Send jou ma some love.

I miss my mom
I still love you mom

The time has come

The word at the moment seems to be: “design”, or should I say “redesign”.

With CSS Reboot having just occurred there are loads of freshly re-designed sites avaliable on the net, for your viewing pleasure. CSS Reboot was a community event for web professionals were hundred of designers from all over the world launched their web standards-based redesigns simultaneously on May 1st 2006, bringing traffic, interest and a little respect to their sites.

Locally, and both rebooted their sites. Both definitely worth a look at. Well done guys.

With all these new sites around, I have decided the time has come to step it up a gear, and redesign the Digital Farm.

I am reading lots of articles to assist me with the best redesign possible. The redesign will cohere to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, which basically means it will be entirely Web 2.0 based, using divs and CSS stylesheets extensively. The header graphic will probably not change, neither the overall colours, but the usability of the site, and content layout will recieve a much needed overhaul.

Time frame? I have none, whenever I have a spare moment I will work on it. It could be ready next week, it could be ready next month.

Why? Let’s be honest, hopefully to attract some more design work my way! And of course challenge my skills.

Great Web Design Guidelines for a Request for Proposal

For the guys involved in web design:

How often are you approached by someone, via email, saying they like your web portfolio, and would be interested in having a website designed by you? They barely give you a hint about what their site is about, but want a quote.

Well it happens to me often, and today I found a very handy link with some great guidelines for a request for proposal. Whether you want to read about RFP guidelines or not, visit Veerle’s blog, and be amazed by her design skills. Web 2.0 doesn’t get better than this!

Veerle's blog

Barcamp Cape Town: Unique in Design

BarCamp Cape Town

The Barcamp Cape Town logo has been redesigned. We hope you can all see the significance of the symbol, and its unique Cape Town character trait. I can’t take all the credit for the design, in fact not much at all, Coda came up with the final draft. If you haven’t read about it already, make sure to read up on this “un-conference” happening in Cape Town in June, and participate in any way you can. Its going to rock.

View the Barcamp website here.