Lovely tonight

Andy specially learnt & performed this song for our wedding day. 3 years later, after much pestering he has finally recorded his version of “Lovely Tonight” by Joshua Radin, as part of his #carsessions, and made it available on YouTube.


Since my last post around 9 months ago my personal life has been dramatically re-designed. My wife and I moved out of our very comfortable sea-facing flat, bought and drastically renovated a house in suburbia, and a month ago had a baby son called Maximilian, all the while I’ve been hugely busy at WooThemes which […]

WordPress tumblogging with WooThemes

I thought it be appropriate that I test out our own WooThemes product – the WordPress Tumblog toolkit. I’ve just upgraded my site to WordPress 3.1, installed the WooTumblog plugin, and used the exporter to copy over some posts I had on an old personal Tumblr site. Easy peasy.

Swans on a frozen lake

This morning I hacked the snow off my car windscreen and drove to Wimbledon Park to snap some shots of the snow on my Canon 7D. The UK is currently experiencing some pretty cold and icy weather.

I found some very cautious swans crossing the frozen lake, and put together this video montage trying to capture the moment.

Hello world

It’s been so long since I actually wrote anything on my blog it feels like I’m writing my first blog post again. 2009 has got off to a flying start, hence this is only the second post I’ve published in it.