Vin Diesel Facts

Crop circles are Vin’s way of telling the world that sometimes corn
needs to lie the f*%k down.

If you were to lock Vin Diesel in a room with a guitar, a year later
you would have the greatest album ever, it would sweep the Grammy’s.
When asked why he doesn’t do this Vin replied, “Because Grammy’s are
for queers.” Then he ate a knife to show the seriousness of his

When Vin Diesel jumps into a body of water, he doesn’t get wet. The
water gets Vin instead.

Vin Diesel is not lactose intolerant; he just refuses to put up with
lactose’s shit.

It takes 14 puppeteers to make Vin Diesel smile, but only 2 to make
him destroy an orphanage.

Vin Diesel can set ants on fire with a magnifying glass. At night.

In fine print at on the last page of the Guinness Book of World
Records it notes that all world records are held by Vin Diesel, and
that those listed in the book are simply the closest anyone has ever
come to matching him.

The Turkish hate Vin Diesel. Why? Because Vin Diesel killed over 1.5
Million Armenians on April 24th, 1915. He later blamed it on the
Turkish Ottoman Empire who to this day get accused of this crime as
Vin Diesel sits back and laughs at the Armenians.

God created Vin Diesel before Adam, but had to ask Vin to leave
because instead of naming the animals in the Garden he devoured their
bodies and souls.

There is no theory of evolution, just a list of creatures Vin Diesel
allows to live.

Vin Diesel has two speeds: walk and kill.

Vin Diesel was the hunter who shot Bambi’s Mother. He then wore her
carcass like it was a coat while he made his rounds at the local
children’s hospital.

Vin Diesel played Russian Roulete with a fully loaded gun and won.

When Vin Diesel was born, the nurse said, “Holy crap! That’s Vin
Diesel!” Then she had had sex with him. At that point, she was the
third girl he had slept with.

Vin Diesel can win a game of Monopoly without owning any property.

If you rearrange the letters in ‘Vin Diesel’ it reveals his credo: “I
End Lives.”

When Vin Diesel goes to donate blood, he declines the syringe, and
instead requests a handgun and a bucket.

In an average living room there are 1,242 objects Vin Diesel could use
to kill you, including the room itself.

Vin Diesel is the reason why Waldo is hiding.

Vin Diesel once beat Super Mario Bros 3 without even touching his
Nintendo controller. He just yelled at his TV in between bites of his
“Filet of Child” sandwich, and the game beat itself out of fear.

Vin Diesel is the only man to ever defeat a brick wall in a game of

Vin Diesel can divide by zero.

When Vin Diesel runs with scissors, other people get hurt.

Vin Diesel cannot be killed by man of woman born.

When Vin Diesel does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s
pushing the Earth down.

The luck of the Irish

Grrrrrr….. firefox has just crashed on me again causing me to lose a whole post! Is anyone else having problems with the new Firefox?

This last weekend my girlfriend and I, and half the Saffa community in London, traveled to Dublin to watch the Boks take on the Irish at Lansdowne Road Stadium. Initially our plan was to watch the game at a traditional Irish pub, as we had no tickets. We took the chance though and luckily found a punter within a few minutes of arriving at the stadium.

Even though we lost to a much more impressive Irish team the experience was worth every euro spent. The atmosphere in and around the stadium was electrifying. South African flags flew all around Dublin, and Guinness was being consumed by the barrel!


Quotes of the Day

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson – American Poet, Lecturer and Essayist, 1803-1882

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

Mary Anne Radmacher

So what is a blog?

Ok so for those of you who admit that you don’t know the difference between a website and a blog I thought i would help you out with a definition I found that explains things quite well.

On the Internet, a blog (short for weblog) is a personal journal that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or reflect the purpose of the Web site that hosts the blog. Topics sometimes include brief philosophical musings, commentary on Internet and other social issues, and links to other sites the author favors. The essential characteristics of the blog are its journal form, typically a new entry each day, and its informal style.

Taken from:

And for those of you interested in a few facts here is what I found:

Blogs in existence in April 2005: 50.75 million worldwide.
And that was in April 2005, imagine how many there are today? Well in fact we can sort of calculate it, according to the number of blogs Technorati tracks doubled every 5 months for the last 20 months. Do the maths because I’m too lazy to. All I know is that is a lot of blogs, makes me feel like a very small fish in a very big sea.

Want your VW CitiGolf purring like a Lambhorghini V16?

So you sick of the sound of your little 4 speed car or family station wagon, and your girlfriend isn’t exactly mad keen driving in it. How about blinging it up a bit, or at least pretend to bling it up a bit. This little gizmo, is basically your engine vroom boombox. You decide on what car you want yours to sound like, whether it be a Lambhorghini V16, Nissan 350Z, or even a Harley Davidson, crank up the volume, and you’ll feel like quite the main man driving down the main road with the window down!

The Vroombox

Have the Windows Vista interface today!

With the release of Windows Vista around the corner, many beta testers have been raving about its new easy to use interface. At, you don’t have to wait for Windows Vista to be released, you can install the Vista interface on your Windows XP operating system. All it requires is a 27mb install file downloadable off their website. The new Vista look has many improved features, with an impressive new colour scheme, a ObjectDock bar, and new fancy icons.

At any point in time, if you don’t like the look you can uninstall the interface and roll back to the default XP theme. I strongly recommend a look though. I use it and love it.

Theres a fire in your building and there’s no air supply, what do you do?

So there is a fire in your office block, you are stuck on the 29th floor, and you are engulfed in choking dark smoke. You need an air supply. Well if you happen to have one of these gizmos in your back pocket, might just survive long enough for the firemen to save you. Honestly though, I think I would rather chance it and jump out a window, or even suffocate to death, then use a toilet pipe air supply. Imagine, some guy didn’t flush.

Toilet Snorkel