Lovely tonight

Andy specially learnt & performed this song for our wedding day. 3 years later, after much pestering he has finally recorded his version of “Lovely Tonight” by Joshua Radin, as part of his #carsessions, and made it available on YouTube, accompanied by a thoughtful, raw and honest post about his fear of failure on his website. Definitely worth a read.

Joshua Radin

Joshua RadinLast night I went to see Joshua Radin perform at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

Who’s Joshua Radin? Most asked that when I told people I was going.

He is a singer-songwriter from Ohio, America who’s music has been described as folk rock and acoustic. You might recognize his music from Scrubs? Zach Braff seems to love his music as not only does he feature it on Scrubs, but his movies Garden State and Last Kiss. Continue reading Joshua Radin