Bin Laden offers truce. What do you think Bush should do?

Bin Laden offers truceI have just read the full text of the message Bin Laden recorded recently offering a truce with America. It is a must read, and can be found on BBC News, read it here. I’m not going to say too much here as there are a lot of differing opinions on the topic. I do believe this is a critical turning point in the war on terror though, and its outcome could either be tragic or hopefully a peaceful end to a bloody war.

I want to know what you think though. Vote on my poll on the left menu. Should Bush accept the truce, or should he continue the fight?

  • Darryn

    Except or Accept the truce?

    I am beginning to think your poll is a little one sided?

  • Mark

    Oops excuse the spelling. Apologies. Now everyone vote!

  • Darryn

    Ha Ha – now…… was that a freudian?

  • stokkies

    Looks like ol’ osama has grabbed a big handful of ol’ georges’ bush and has him firmly by the short and curleys with this one.. If bush rejects the truce, he looks like even more of a warmonger and loses his credibility as fighting against terror, because accepting the truce seems the only way that he will achieve a ‘victory’ in the war on terror.. But if he accepts the truce, it will look very bad for him with the american people, and glaringly shows up the fact that there was alterior motives to him going to, and more importantly, continuing the ‘war’ in the first place. It also opens the U.S (and everyone else that falls under the protection of the UN) up to every tom, dick and ahmed that wants to take a poke.

    Cos afterwards, they can just say, “yeah, look.. we sorry we blew up the eiffel tower and all, but youve been a bit of a wanker lately and you really deserved it. but its pointless banging on about it now cos we not gonna give up. and if you dont stop giving us kak, we gonna find even more shit to blow up. so just leave us the hell alone now. we’re over it.”

    So it seems that there is no way that he can respond without looking like a tosser..