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So last night I lay in bed and thought to myself I’m ok with today’s technologies and trends, I know all there is to know about the newest mp3 players on the market, the fastest wireless network hardware available, the latest versions of Adobe and Macromedia products, the best free open source software available to us. I’ll be ok, technology ain’t defeating me!

Today I bought “SA Computer Magazine”, as I do most months, opened the thing, and there on the contents page were about 30 articles on new technologies and trends, most of which I had never even heard of. Bleakness. Something dawned on me. I thought to myself hmmm…. Am I ever going to be aware of all the new technologies avaliable to me?

One thing I can quite confidently say is “No.”. That’s probably stating the obvious. I will try my best though. There are just too many technical minds in this world thinking one step ahead of me. Will I ever be equipped with the latest technical and design skills? Will I feel confident that my job is safe in this industry? Probably not, in this industry your never safe, you always have something new to learn, and if you don’t learn it you fall behind. And in the end get forgotten about.

So is this blog, filled with the latest gizmos and gadgets around, to me? Yes. To you? Maybe not. But the point of this blog is not to be the first to tell you about something, it’s to group together things that I enjoy, and like the look of, and hope you haven’t read about it before 🙂 and enjoy it too.

So what’s new to me at the moment:

  • Winpooch – open source windows watchdog

    Poochy anti-spywareSimilar to Microsoft Anti-Spyware this system checks for modifications in your system, detects worms and Trojans, acts as a firewall and an antivirus (need ClamWin installed) system. With it you can set your security level according to your needs. And it won’t expire unlike Microsoft equivalent.

    To download this Winpooch Watchdog click here.

  • So that’s it for now, back to my work, probably using out of date software that isn’t the most efficient around …


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