SA Blog Awards 2006: Mark needs you!

Mark needs youA weblog is defined as a page with dated entries” – I fall into that category so vote for me 🙂

Its that time of the year, SA Blog Awards 2006 is around the corner so I’m asking all you special people who read this blog to simply click on the link above to find out more, then send an email to nominating me for something, anything I don’t really care, as long as I get a vote. (*hint hint Mom!)

SA Blog Awards 2006

Categories include:

South African blog of 2005, Most humourous South African blog, Best post on a South African blog, Best overseas South African blog, Best writing on a South African blog, Best SA blog about politics, Best SA photographic blog, Best SA group blog, Best new blog, Best SA blog about food, Best SA blog about tech, Best SA lifestyle blog, Best design for a blog.

Check out the Blog awards site for last year’s winners. There are some great South African blogs out there that are definitely worth visiting!


8 responses to “SA Blog Awards 2006: Mark needs you!”

  1. Hey Tripeak, just been to your site. Love your work. Always great to see a fellow designer’s blog. Very impressed with your layout. Maybe a nomination for a blog award…hmmm.

  2. Mark, i hate you. I saw your girlfriend in hot pants and she smooched me. So there. Ha!

    Okay, im sorry, i love you

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