Solar Powered Safari Hats

Solar Powered HatNext time our beloved Koeberg Power plant goes down (grrr…), and I have to leave Camps Bay beach to go to a small server room with no aircon, I’m going to have one of these hats ready.

“With cooling abilities far beyond the average sun-shading hat, this is the safari-grade helmet that harnesses the rays of the sun to power a miniature fan that keeps you comfortably cool while at the beach, on a hike, gardening, cheering a sporting event, or any other outdoor activity. The hat has a whisper-quiet motor powered by four compact solar panels on top. In the evening, or on a cloudy day, the fan is powered by two AA batteries (not included). As lighting conditions change, you can easily switch between solar and battery operation with a flip of a switch.”

How trendy is its design?

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By Mark Forrester

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  1. Not even close to a new idea. One of the members of the Crowder College (Neosho, Missouri) solar car crew, in the first trans Australia solar car race, more than twenty years ago, built one of these. Very useful in the torrid outback sun. This example looks not just similar, but identical.

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