True friends are always there for you.

Wow, I’m speechless! This morning I received a letter in the post from some old friends of mine. What friend’s they are. True friends. The guys you can always count on.

“We heard about your nominations Mark, Riaan sent us an email. We just want you to know, we got your back! Chuck’s been practicing his roundhouse kick and said he will come over if there’s any “problems”. I pity the fool that tries to beat you. I would come over with Chuck, don’t get me wrong, I ain’t afraid of no airplane, it’s just, I got a haircut on Wednesday. David posed for the picture we attached, but he’s a bit emotional at the moment, specially after the divorce, so he didn’t have much to say.

Just remember one thing. I believe in the Golden Rule — The Man with the Gold . . . Rules.

From your friends,

Mr. T, David, Riaan and Chuck”

Anyways, here is the photo they attached. They really are great guys.

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  1. I don’t get the whole Riaan thing. I mean, the other guys all think they are the shiz. And that’s what makes it funny. But Riaan is a nice guy. 😛 Albeit an alien from another planet nice guy.

  2. Haha, that’s some funny shit!

    I don’t want to be instantaneously vapourised though, so “that’s some funny shit” with all respect to the Masters of the Universe.

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