TV Series now avaliable for free dowload (in USA)!

It looks like getting hold of your favourite TV show on the internet could soon be a little easier. Not only that, but you might soon be able to forget about that guilty feeling whilst watching a TV program you got from your best mate on some dodgy pirated DVD. I know you guys are all guilty of that at some point!

“Recently, ABC began offering free, full-length, ad-supported episodes through their website as a trial. This means that, instead of paying $2 through iTunes for every episode (which I didn’t know you could do anyway), you can view the episode for no cost (with advertisements) through’s Flash player. The current shows offered (for now) include Desperate Housewives, Lost, Alias, and Commander in Chief.

The trial period, which began on May 1st, will continue until June 30th, when ABC will decide the future of full-length streams. The Flash player supports most browsers.”

I definitely see a future for ad-supported television. In South Africa, most of us, without the new DSTV decoders, have to sit through “Vanish” and “Telkom” ads everyday. If we can get the latest episode of Lost on the internet, a few million episodes ahead of the South African broadcast, at the price of a few Yankee ads, I’m sure there will be quite a few takers.

So what you waiting for? Head on over to ABC network for your lunch break and chow some Telkom bandwidth. Make them work for their money. Everyone together let’s pop this joint. Let’s flood the Telkom servers with “Desperate Housewives” requests. Then they might have to spend some money on their infrastructure, and less on Hollywood style commericals.

Bleakness, only officially works in USA. I say officially because if you read through the comments you might find something helpful. You never know 🙂
Link courtesy of Wirecatcher

By Mark Forrester

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  1. Crap I was just given the same message.

    Just after getting my toasted saamie all ready. Bleakness. Guess we’ll have to wait a bit longer.

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