Azlan the space cadet

George, aka. Azlan, had his bits snipped a couple days ago, the poor little boytjie. He had just a little too much mojo under his golden locks. Yesterday he managed to pull his stitches out, opening his little wound, very proud of himself.

Today my mother took the boytjie back to the vet to get re-stitched, and this is how he came home. Pictures courtesy of my boet, attached to an email that read:

Check the boytjie out today – so classic!! He’s got a huge space helmet on, to stop him licking the stitches. Doesn’t like it one bit. Keeps on bumping into me, and the door, and emma’s getting pissed off with him. But it’s so funny…

Emma being our other, cow-looking, lady dog (You can see her snoz in the second photo).

Azlan the space cadet

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