Hot off the blogs: Are we ready for World Cup 2010?

It seems like the talk at Joblog and Wozafriday is World Cup 2010, and are we ready for it? A debate my brother and me had the other day, a loud debate might I add, with two very opposing sides.

I have to say I’m one of the optimists, who has a little faith in our country. I believe we’ll be ready, it will be a dash to the finish, but we’ll pull it off. We not ready yet, obviously, but we still have four years to work really hard!

I know I’m one of the few on this side of the chalk line, but Gareth Cliff is with me, so I’m ok.

If FIFA has put its faith in South Africa, after sending a distinguished group of officials, headed by Belgian football association president Jan Peeters, and including Pertti Alaja (Finland), Jacques Bouillon (France), Michel Sablon (Belgium) and Harold Mayne-Nicholls (Chile), I think we must have a little more faith in the preparations being done for the World Cup 2010.

It would not only be an embarassment to us if we messed up and weren’t ready, FIFA would be given some serious flack!

In the FIFA report, published on Fifa’s website on 4 May, the group gave South Africa the highest grading of five countries bidding to host the 2010 Football World Cup.

As far as crime goes, I agree, it’s bad, and we need to fix it, but the police aren’t a total disgrace, dwell on the positives.

This morning I was stuck at a traffic light on Rondebosch Main Road (in Cape Town) in some serious traffic, when a red Honda came CRUISING towards me … on the wrong side of the road. Meters away from me, better yet centimeters away from me, it swerved into the correct lane, dodging a few cars, and missioned off at the speed of light. Ok, maybe not speed of light, but pushing the max speed of a Honda Ballade. I had a quick glance at the Schumie racer and his passengers, out of the corner of my eye, and I’ll tell you what, it looked like a bunch of Guerrilla soldiers from the Congo.

Never fear though, about 30 seconds behind them was not one, not two, not three, not four, but five police vans. Those Guerrilas were screwed!

Big up SAPS.

And big up you World Cup working people. Now get back to work.

Have your say. Are you with me, or against me?

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  1. There is no way we will be ready if left to our own devices. FIFA will step in big time, they already have by extending us loans well in advance with flagrant disregard for their policy during previous world cup preparations. They have to ensure that the first African World Cup is a success. We are a nation of achievers and consequently it will come off. But it’ll be close and there will be a huge price to pay.

    As it stand now we can host a World Cup, it would be a massive cock up, but all stadiums would be full and the games would all be played. How different will it be in 4 years time, that is the question.

    PS: Dig your new World Cup blog theme.

  2. This is an issue that’s going to be debated to death. Problem is, we all need to get our act together – 2010 is not far off! It’s unfair, in my opinion, to compare South Africa and Africa in general to Europe, etc. We’re not at the same level, from an infrastructural and development perspective. Crime must be brought under control – in my mind, there’s only one way and that’s to start being as hard as the criminals (no holds barred). Then there’s infrastructure: get building! The Gautrain is a step in the right direction, but is not all we need. Hotels, villages, transport, litter control, facilities… From a mindset point of view, that’s up to each individual and can never be policed: each one of use needs to realize that it’s wrong to drive without taking road rules into account, or stealing or littering or whatever…That’s the mark of a progressive society: one that knows what’s right and wrong and makes sure it stands on the side of the law. Enough about that – nice them, but pity about the scrawl about England! Germany is the team to watch 😉

  3. Little Brother Avatar
    Little Brother

    Ya i agree with Manfred – as you’ll know Mark 😉 I reckon the only way SA can have a great world cup is if everyone decides they actually want a great world cup and pulls together. Europe obviously is leagues ahead of us with technology and efficiency and all that jazz but South Africa can definitely bring a unique flair only possible in this part of the world and I think we need to highlight that. Make our world cup unique not in the sense that we have stadiums that change colour.. but an African world cup (cos basically we are representing the whole of Africa).
    Rad design in ur logo mark..!

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