I Miss My Pillows

For the past 5 weeks, since I arrived in the UK, I have been living out of a suitcase, I’ve dossed on a few beds, and a couple sofas, oh and a blow up mattress. Do you know what I miss the most?

My pillows.


Every bed I have slept on since i arrived here has been different. Some are bigger than others, some are with a hard mattress, some are with a soft, springy mattress. That doesn’t phase me though.

What phases me is the pillows. When I buy new pillows they take a certain amount of time to mould to the correct puffiness. Once they have achieved perfect puffiness sleeping is wonderful. Until then though I toss and turn all night.

Sleeping on other people’s beds means using their pillows, which have each been moulded by other people’s heads.

Being on so many different beds over the last few weeks, with so many different pillows, all slightly different in puffiness has been difficult. They all make me tilt my neck slightly differently when in the sleeping position. Making my sleep patterns on each bed different.

Friday hopefully marks the end of all this. Not the pillow issue (that will take another couple weeks to rectify, ie. the new pillow moulding phase), but the “living out of a suitcase” saga. I’ve finally found somewhere to stay.

After a lot of visits to the Gumtree I finally found somewhere that’s clean, modern and large at an affordable price. The flat is in Raynes Park, next to Wimbledon. Unfortunately, I cannot go into more detail as to my whereabouts as the bus load of beautiful supermodel stalkers might catch me again. But I can share my excitement with you.


P.S. No I wasn’t smoking weed when I wrote this post. The pillow issue has been on my mind for a while now. Am I alone on this subject? Please tell me you are the same, or at least that you have some crazy sleep requirement yourself!

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  1. Woohooo!!! I’m not crazy. Someone else who takes their pillows seriously. I’m very picky with my pillows and in a way hate buying new ones cos of the setting in they need, and the fact they damn well nearly suffocate me cos of their puffyness (even the firm ones). Congrats on the finding a place too… just moments away from most of the other Saffers in London.

  2. I need TWO pillows, no more, no less. And I hate it when mine get all shy and retiring and flat.

  3. Haha, I’m with Jam on having two pillows. I don’t know how people get along with a thin little piece of cotton! Also, I’m seriously considering getting one of those cylindrical body-pillow things to swing and rest my leg over. OK wait, let’s stop right there…

  4. Yay, another crazy ass sarf effrican bites a chunk out of mud island. Join the happy club. The pillows are painful but not anywhere near as painful as the lower back contortions one experiences from couch surfing you way through wimbledon. Especially on those Argos standard blue blow up mattresses. AAAARGH! Welcome, bienvenido and enjoy your new digs 🙂

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