War on terror

With Saddam Hussain taken care of the Americans are now planning on some other countries to attack.

I nearly choked on my bread crust watching this video clip.

The last guy is the best, “You know that’s amazing cos I just realised now that Noth Korea is a lot larger than South Korea. I didn’t know it was large like that.

Bwahahaha. * Choke *

8 responses to “War on terror”

  1. Jeez that is scary but not new. There was a survey once where a bunch of Americans pointed to the Soviet Union and confidently declared that the big country they saw was the USA.

  2. Holly shit. People like that shouldn’t even be allowed to vote! Yeah! Lets invade Australia! Too bad they didn’t point to the US when they were doing that.

  3. In all fairness lets see how many fellow South Africans can point to the US on the map. Realistically only about 30% could do it.

    Equally I don’t think that the yanks are particularly dumb compared to some of chavscum coming out of the British nanny state school system at the moment.

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