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On Saturday I was desperate to watch the SA vs Australia World Cup game, but wasn’t quite ready to head on over to the local smokey pub to watch the game on SKY. That was when I discovered Sopcast. Sopcast is free P2P internet TV software that offers quite a selection of internet TV channels, including a live world cup cricket channel.

After downloading the Sopcast media player, which seems a relatively stable product, I found a website that tells you what channel to tune into to watch the latest game live. That website being Bingo.

Besides a few lags in transmission and some terrible Indian Home Insurance adverts I managed to watch a good few hours of the game from the comfort of my new office chair. It swivles, it has a high back, and it looks like it is made of real leather… but it’s not. Perfect.

Then followed a Clapham pub with a few Saffa mates and far too many Aussies.

Final thought: It baffles me why coach Arthur put Kallis and Prince ahead of our pinch hitters Gibbs, Kemp and Boucher. Why!? Was it a tactical loss? Read more on Mike Stopforth’s site.


For the thousands of visitors who have found my site due to this post, and are looking for a channel on Sopcast to watch SA vs Australia, I’ve found one, channel 21270, or visit this page for all the channels.


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  1. Thanks for the quick channel update 🙂 … was back from office & desperately trying to connect to P2P … ur link was just in time for the Aus vs SA match!

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