Touch down

I think that last post was a bit premature. After stating I was back I leave you guys for another 2 weeks without posting anything but an Afrigator update. My apologies.

I’m now back in the UK after a glorious holiday/work visit to Cape Town.

I chose South African Airways for my return flight to London, instead of Air Namibia, and I can’t not tell you about my excitement of having my own tv screen. It’s been far too long for me flying with carpeted walls, and a singular tv screen behind some dutchman’s bald head. What was even more exciting was the new tv channel on SAA (well new for me at least), the tail wing camera channel. On this channel you get to watch the plane take off, fly 40 000ft above the clouds, and plummit towards earth again, from outside the plane on top of the tail wing. This was a very cool interactive feature that I almost wet pants playing with.

My other bit of excitement was opening my website statistics up this morning. Somehow, posting only 2 articles this month, my web stats have doubled. Well they actually doubled last month after posting a piece on watching the World Cup cricket free over the internet. I was rated number 1 for the search “Free cricket world cup TV“. This month, after the World Cup finishing, I expected my web stats to drop to normal. They didn’t. And my new visitors were not landing on my site because of that post, well only a very small dumbass few of them (Cricket is over my friends). It was mostly thanks to links from Google Images.

So read this post I wrote a while back about “Boosting your Google Images search hits“. It’s working for me.

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  1. GW: Thanks GW. I’ll bring the Pimms 🙂

    HollywoodGal: You probably one of those Hollywood stars in the reclining bed business class “chairs” aren’t you! Grrrr….

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