Soundtracks and Comebacks

I’m a big fan on the jazz musos from Cape Town, South Africa, that are taking the world by storm with their exciting live, African flavoured, electronica acts – Goldfish.

Courtesy of a link from SA Rocks this afternoon I discovered their latest music video for “Soundtracks and Comebacks”, animated by Mike Scott of Bru and Boegie.

I used to visit Bru and Boegie almost daily and then, all of a sudden, somehow managed to completely forget about the site. After seeing what Mike has been up to animating music videos, winning t-shirt design contests and even developing a new kids show, I am hugely impressed. Great to see him getting recognized and growing from strength to strength. I’ve most certainly bookmarked the site now.

Judge his amazing illustration and animation skills for yourself, all the while listening to pure aural bliss.

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  1. Gold Fish make me proud to be South African. Awesome music and Dom and Dave are the most down to earth musicians you will meet!

    Dig the video, have you seen their other video ‘All Night’? Some pretty cool stop motion photography.

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