Gatorpeeps launches at Barcamp Nigeria

I’m so happy I can finally announce the latest hatchling at Afrigator HQ –  not that it’s been around for that long!

I first heard about it at the beginning of this week and saw it in it’s early stages on our development server on Tuesday. I was then asked to brand it on thursday and given about 3 hours to create an eye-catching logo. That’s how we seem to roll at Afrigator, everything happens very quickly – whether I like it or not 🙂

Gatorpeeps is a micro-blogging platform, not unlike Twitter or Pownce (which died), that makes it really easy for existing Afrigator users to connect with other Afrigator users in 140 characters or less, and with all the other cool functionality you’ve come to expect from a micro-blogging platform. (courtest of Mike Stopforth)

Hats off to Stii the code monkey at Afrigator who pretty much single handedly coded this beast in a few days. Jayx, an awesome freelance designer helped out with the user interface and did a great job I think!

For my job – the logo design –  I went with the idea of using our little mascot – the gator head, but from a different angle. The word peeps represents the awesome people using Afrigator. However it can also be interpreted as peeping. Peeping into the lives of other Africans through 140 character messages. Our little gator is therefore looking beady eyed at you, peeping over his snout with his big orange eyes.

Justin launched Gatorpeeps only a couple of hours ago at Barcamp Nigeria. I’m really excited that this was officially launched out of South Africa as after all Afrigator is an African web venture and most the focus as of late has been within our borders. Kudos Justin!

I’m going to end it there and leave you with a link to Gatorpeeps for you to have a peep around. Do feel free to give us some feedback.

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  1. Hey thanks for the mention Mark … great job on the logo.

  2. Congrats people! i missed the bar camp in Nigeria ,definately testing the gatorpeeps brand! goodluck with it.

  3. Interesting site, but much advertisments on him. Shall read as subscription, rss.

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