July bookmarks

Most of us default to retweets and quick shares on Twitter these days, but for posterity and future reference I’m going to blogroll a few articles I found particularly interesting this month. How an Offer to Sell Wistia Inspired Us to Take On $17M in Debt Most founders dream of building a product that eventually […]

10 year “overnight” success

On July 9th 2008 we launched @WooThemes. With the benefit of youthful business naivety, the serendipity of meeting co-founders online, the scale of open source and through the power of sequence & hard graft we found our 10 year “overnight” success! Happy Birthday @WooCommerce 💌via Twitter

My little documentarian

I 😍 that he shares my passion for photography. I 😨 that he is holding my @leica_camera. I 🤯 that this is an auto-edit film, created by the @djiglobal app! Taken with my iPhone X using the DJI Osmo Mobile 2. Video made auto-magically with the DJI Go app auto-edit feature. Taken by my talented […]

Twenty Seventeen

It feels like it’s been a significant year, worthy of etching in this sparsely populated digital memory bank. A challenging personal year embarking on re-invention, with little daily structure or operational responsibilities. A year sans a professional title and many coffee meetings explaining why… A year of much envy and privilege. A year of many […]

Selling though storytelling

A fantastically told founding story behind Naadam, a sweater company breaking a cashmere cartel. This video perfectly highlights the importance of good storytelling in shaping a genuine customer connection with a brand, and in turn selling lots of products.