Category: Link Worthy

  • To the SA bloggers …

    So I went to my blog today, and also its web stats, and noticed some links coming from places I don’t recall having a link. Found some great feedback on my blog from some other South African bloggers. Wanted to say a big thanks for the kind words and positive feedback. I’ve only been around […]

  • A site purely dedicated to colours

    Stumbled across this site and thought what a good idea. So simple, yet it attracts huge hits. Are you not that creative and need help choosing a colour combination for your website/advert, or have you got a unique colour combination you created that you like and you want to submit? Visit this site then. Dedicated […]

  • Storm Chaser Photos

    This dude chases storms and takes some of the most amazing photos I have ever seen in the process. Defintely worth a lunch time visit.

  • Bored? Play stick cricket online

    Such a cool game, highly addictive though, so make sure the boss doesn’t catch you playing. Click here to play

  • Great Tutorial Site

    Ever wondered how they did that? At Pixel2Life there’s a tutorial for just about any beautifully crafted pixel creation you’ve seen. Whether it be a fancy graphic designed in photoshop, a piece of code that does something clever, an animation made in flash, or just some tips on how to drive traffic to your website, […]

  • Some of the best websites in the world

    Man some people are creative. How they come up with some of these whack designs amazes me. Creativity flows in their veins. Maximum respect to you guys. Great website designs @