To the SA bloggers …

So I went to my blog today, and also its web stats, and noticed some links coming from places I don’t recall having a link. Found some great feedback on my blog from some other South African bloggers. Wanted to say a big thanks for the kind words and positive feedback. I’ve only been around in the blogosphere for a couple of months, but my site is already getting great results.

Martin @ d2 thanks for spreading the digital farm love to Jo’blog. And big up Chumpstyle for using the banner and referencing it to me, looks great, definitely suites the style of your site.

Check out these guys blogs, great source of entertainment for y’all!

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A site purely dedicated to colours

Stumbled across this site and thought what a good idea. So simple, yet it attracts huge hits. Are you not that creative and need help choosing a colour combination for your website/advert, or have you got a unique colour combination you created that you like and you want to submit? Visit this site then. Dedicated purely to colour and those who love it.

Colour lovers click here

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Great Tutorial Site

Ever wondered how they did that? At Pixel2Life there’s a tutorial for just about any beautifully crafted pixel creation you’ve seen. Whether it be a fancy graphic designed in photoshop, a piece of code that does something clever, an animation made in flash, or just some tips on how to drive traffic to your website, it’s all in the form of tutorials at:

Check it out.