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Tsotsi wins in the Olympics of Filmmaking

Tsotsi wins OscarWell I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, I think I have chosen the wrong career path! I have only ever posted two articles on good movies I have watched, those two movies being Crash and Tsotsi. Which two movies won Oscars last night? Crash: Best Picture, and, more importantly, Tsotsi: Best Foreign Language Film.

“Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica, God bless Africa!” Hood said, upon receiving his award.

I’m feeling very proud to be a South African today, and I am very confident that this award is the start of something big. We can expect a lot more great local productions in the near future, and a much bigger international audience will be watching.

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South Africawood

Tsotsi: The Movie

I watched a great South African movie on the weekend, Tsotsi.
“Set amidst the sprawling Johannesburg township of Soweto – where survival is the primary objective – TSOTSI traces six days in the life of a ruthless young gang leader who ends up caring for a baby accidentally kidnapped during a car-jacking.”

Tsotsi has a great, captivating storyline, that everyone in South Africa can relate to in some way or an other. With kwaito music  blaring in the background of most scenes, it captures the raw energy  that reflects the  troubled state of  Tsotsi’s mind. (I’d love to claim that comparison as my own, and look like some talented film critic, but i can’t, its from the Tsotsi website).
I strongly recommend every South African watch this movie. It proves to us that Charlize in Hollywood is not our only movie star. Praise must be given to our local actors and producers of South Africawood.

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Back the attack!

Back the attack

This is officially the last of my scheming propaganda to win your votes. Nominations close at 11:59pm tonight. Don’t worry you still have time to back the attack, send your nominations to

Gabbahead launched an attack on my troops with a war poster yesterday. But failed. His remains:”Gabbahead is experiencing difficulties” (His site is offline).

P.S. Dig the offline banners Gabbahead 🙂

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SA Blog Awards 2006: I still need you

SA Blog Awards: Mark still needs you Its almost friday, which means you only have two and a half more days to nominate me for one of the categories. Any of them.

I’ve written about food: Braai Politics
Best Food blog (worth a try)

I’ve written about technology: Too many times, click on any of the links provided
Best SA blog about tech

I’ve tried to be humourous: My mother is growing weed
Most humourous blog (hey it’s always worth a try!)

This blog started in 2005
Best new blog

And I’m a designer (and I need this award to procure work and have rock star status)
Best design for a blog

So I fit into a few of the nomination categories. So go vote now. Please. 🙂

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Grape Harvesting on Quad Bikes

Quad biking at DelrustQuad biking at DelrustIf your feel like your stuck in a bit of a routine (and live in Cape Town) and want to do something completely different I strongly recommend you try this:

Leave all your ideas of regular wine tastings and visits to wine farms at home and come and join us on our quad bikes, equipped with crates and picking scissors, for the unique opportunity to harvest your own wine grapes.

On return to the cellar delight yourself in stomping your picked grapes… bare feet to the sound of festive music.
You get to taste the best wines Dellrust has to offer, accompanied by a scrumptiouscheese & cold meat platter from our Three Vines Restaurant. In remembrance of this event, you take home a complimentary bottle of Dellrust wine and a quad bike experience like non other.

Quad biking through the vineyards at DelrustAt R250 pp we invite you to this unique adventure.

We did it on Saturday and had a great time. Well worth the bucks. Beautiful weather, friendly guide, tasty wine, and a Schumacher experience on dirt roads.

Visit their website :

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My mother’s growing weed

My mother is growing weed

Now is this coincidence … that on MNET there is a TV program about a single mother growing weed (funny enough called “Weeds“), selling it to her whack nextdoor neighbours, and in my mother’s back garden a little weed bush growing?

Yesterday, as I was braaing with my boet in my mother’s back garden I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Behind the weber, in the flower bed. Could it be? I had found a small, but very healthy looking marijuana plant.

Is my mother a drug dealer? Hmmm… my brother and me are now both wondering.

I could really go to town on this article and make up some great story how she is selling to her friends in Lakeside. But, I am quite sure she is not, and I am sure I could send her to jail if some police officer were to read this. Oh how I love the power of a blog!

The conversation we had was as follows:

Mark: “Ma why is there a marijuana plant growing in our back garden?”
Mom: “What!! Show me”
We both walk into the back garden.
Mark: “Right thurr” (pointing to the marijuana plant)
Mom: “Is that what it is, I’ve been watering that plant for the last week waiting for it to bloom!”

P.S. The sign next to the “blooming plant” reads “May all my weeds be wild flowers” which we found in another flowerbed about 10m away from this little guy. Coincidence?

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These guys deserve a Black Label beer!

Chopper in the sky

Another photo taken in Camps Bay, over the weekend, by my work colleague, Jorn Das. Some great action shots of the fire-fighting helicopters at work. For those of you that might not know, this is an effective method of dousing fires in South Africa. I did see some quite astonished looking tourists taking photos of the fires and the choppers.

Apparently, these water buckets can carry 2 tonnes of water (I stand to be corrected). Thats a lot of water! And apparently, one of these bucket loads of water was dropped on top of some fire-fighting civilian on the mountain. All I can say is, “Poor little bugger!”. He is alive, but a few slipped discs in his back.

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Cape Town: Never a dull moment

It’s already been talked about on many blogs, and there are definitely better pictures in the newspaper, but this was the view from the top of our building of the fires that burned on Table Mountain on Thursday. It’s amazing how the fire got so close to family homes, yet the firefighters, and firefighting choppers managed to contain it, and drive it away from the suburbs. A big up to the disaster management team behind fighting this fire.

P.S. Never thought I would say this, but the Telkom building almost looks quite scenic with the orange sky behind it!

Telkom Building + Fire on Table MountainTable Mountain of fireFire on Table Mountain

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Eye opener: A beggar that made me feel proudly South African

Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time, to witness something seemingly small, a fleeting moment, but a moment that can be hugely impactful. That happened to me last night at the garage in Claremont.

I had just pulled up to the Quick shop to buy some electricity, I parked next to a big, black 4 X 4 with a posh looking, well dressed lady getting into it. She got into her car with her groceries, quite hastily, as to avoid the bergie (for those non-South Africans a bergie is a beggar) asking for money outside the shop door.

Turning a blind eye and avoiding them always seems to be the easiest, safest option, let’s be honest. As she closed her passenger door, little did she know, her wallet had fallen out of her car and onto the ground. I was about to get out of my car and pick it up, but the bergie beat me to it. The posh lady turned her head away from him as he approached the car window. He picked up the wallet next to the car and knocked on her window. She obviously thought he was going to ask for money so she ignored him. He knocked again. She still didn’t turn to look at him. The bergie took a step back, held the wallet up, and knocked on the window again. Still she avoided him. The bergie just stood there with his hands in the air, not knowing what to do. At that point the husband walked out of the Quick Shop and saw the bergie, standing next to his car, holding his wife’s wallet. He yelled at him as he ran up to him, and grabbed the wallet out of his hand, quite aggressively. He got back into his car and showed his wife the wallet and stared at the bergie shouting something inside the car. The wife turned her head and looked out her passenger window to see the bergie and realise what had happened. The bergie was walking back to his plastic bag of belongings next to the shop door, looking quite stunned at what had happened.

The story has a happy ending; the husband did get out of his car and rewarded the bergie for his kind doings.

Even in his desperate situation, he chose not to wait till the car had gone and steal the wallet, he had the common decency to be honest and do good.

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Lights off on the N2? OR Turn off your TV?

Have you ever wondered how much electricity your TV or other appliances are using when on standy? How about how much CO2 it is emitting? Bet you never thought of that one.

In a recently published article on BBC News it is revealed that:

“Britons waste the equivalent of around two power stations’ worth of electricity each year by leaving TV sets and other gadgets on standby.

Last June Environment Minister Elliot Morley, responding to an MP’s question, revealed that electrical equipment in sleep mode used roughly 7TWh of energy and emitted around 800,000 tonnes of carbon.”

That’s alot of electricty and alot of crap we are releasing into our atmosphere.

Let’s not forget that in England there are far more TVs, but you can still get a rough idea of the usage here from these factsIn the newspaper, yesterday ( the City Council were saying that we are going to start conserving electricity here in Cape Town, like we do with the water.

“In certain parts of the city, street lights burn during the day to prevent the lights’ cables from being stolen. The cables are going to be buried in cement so that the lights can be turned off during the day.

Table Mountain’s famous illuminations will also disappear. The 49 light bulbs of 2 W each use about 98 kW of power. This isn’t enough to supply power to a building or suburb but it may help conserve power. (Turn your frigging TV off dude!)

Lights along national main routes such as the N2 highway will also be switched off. For safety reasons, the street lights in the city’s suburbs won’t be switched off,” Kadalie said.”

Why don’t the council just watch BBC News and get some ideas from there. Instead of turning the lights off on the N2, which is already a death trap with lighting, why don’t we just get off our behinds and turn off our appliances, instead of leaving them on standby. We’ll save electricity and save our precious atmosphere at the same time. Just an idea. Use it or lose it.