A movie worth watching: Crash

My boet watched this movie on the aeroplane the other week and said it was worth watching. So I took it out and watched it on the weekend. And its every bit as good as he and Roger Ebert, the famous movie critic, says it is. One of those movies that gives you the occassional […]

5500km roadtrip and I’m back home!

I’m home! Can’t believe how the holidays flew by, but they always do. I can now admit I have seen most of the different landscapes South Africa has to offer. I have driven through the Western Cape, the Eastern Cape, the Free State and Kwazulu Natal. Our journey took us to Bethlehem in the Free […]

Hello Holidays!

So the time has finally come where I can happily say, “I’m off!” It’s been a long year, but a good year, our company has grown from a massive 2 employees to a whopping 4, that means we’ve doubled in size! Our services are becoming more and more specific and we can focus on what […]

Hand of Hope

Its quite a picture, definitely blog worthy. But there is another motive behind this post. I went to SA Top Sites and looked for the sites getting the most hits. Liverpool FC: Official Site for South African Fans and Supporters of Liverpool FC was on top with an average of 3023.75 unique visitors a day. […]

World Aids Day: 1 December 2005

Thursday marks World Aids Day. You cannot chose to escape this day here in Cape Town, South Africa, you can no longer turn a blind eye and hope it will go away. An estimated 4.5 million South Africans were living with HIV in 2000. An estimated 6 million people are expected to die of AIDS […]

The luck of the Irish

Grrrrrr….. firefox has just crashed on me again causing me to lose a whole post! Is anyone else having problems with the new Firefox? This last weekend my girlfriend and I, and half the Saffa community in London, traveled to Dublin to watch the Boks take on the Irish at Lansdowne Road Stadium. Initially our […]