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Since the early days of WordPress this site has been my creative playground.

It’s taught me how to design websites. It’s connected me with strangers to co-found a business and find a very apt acquirer. More recently, it’s introduced me to startups where I’ve made investments.

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  • Why did blogs die off?

    I read this essay a couple weeks ago and it really resonated with my relationship with blogging. It’s also a beautifully constructed, engaging page design worth checking out.

    “The web today is built for apps—and I think we need to take it back.“

    Robin Rendle

    Robin Rendle succinctly describes the death of blogs, the rise of newsletters, and the forgotten powers of ancient, dusty technologies like RSS readers.

    Who still follows RSS feeds? Scrap that. Who still comments on blogs?

  • Productivity hacks

    Two new apps that have helped my desktop productivity this month:

    @CleanShot_app – the best screen capturing tool out there!

    @soulver – notepad meet calculator. A smart way to explore scenarios + experiments with numbers.

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  • Outplayed

    These critters are evolving MUCH faster than us during this pandemic. FACT.

    He got TV + Minecraft banned today (bad behaviour).

    So… he calls a school friend on @MicrosoftTeams and gets him to record his TV. Which is playing @Minecraft videos on @YouTube.


  • 5 years later…

    5 years ago today, at around this very time, we sat eating Reuben sandwiches for breakfast in a fancy restaurant in Nolita, New York. Hashing out a new commercial agreement with fancy execs of one of the world’s largest online payment systems.

    A few hours later, a neighbourhood across, we were in Matt’s apartment with the Automattic team. Laptops on laps, clicking the “publish” button on the news that WooCommerce was being acquired by Automattic.

    It was a surreal, life-altering day that will forever be laser-etched in my memory bank.

    5 years later I’m in a very different season of life, working with very different businesses. But I still proudly fly the Woo flag – high fiving the small wins and celebrating the big milestones.

    Poetically, today WooCommerce is launching – WooCommerce Payments. Built upon a very mature partnership with another leading payments company – Stripe. Deeply integrated for all kinds of benefit to store owners.

    A partnership so impressive that “you’ll end up paying the same fees when you use WooCommerce Payments or a custom Stripe integration.”

    WooCommerce featuring on Techcrunch again today – 5 years later.

    Moral of the story: Significance takes time to negotiate and is built on many short term successes.

    How far WooCommerce has come. Well done to the Automattic team! Onwards and upwards 🚀