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Thankful this meat suit has bounced back so strong and for the wonders of modern medicine. Super powers loading…

That indiscriminate virus

Perhaps it’s a cathartic self-indulgence, but amongst this highlights reel I feel a niggling personal obligation to share the story of my run-in with Covid-19.  What started with a mild head cold evolved into headaches, high fevers and decreasing oximeter readings. Home isolation is a mental beast where you realise you are your own under-qualified… Continue reading That indiscriminate virus

Tech That Enables Dreams

I love telling the story of Yebo Fresh to people. Which is why it’s even more special to see big brands also now telling the story. A company born out of a garage, with a desire to impact and serve the underserved. Fuelled by the pandemic I can’t wait to see how the Yebo Fresh… Continue reading Tech That Enables Dreams

Why did blogs die off?

I read this essay a couple weeks ago and it really resonated with my relationship with blogging. It’s also a beautifully constructed, engaging page design worth checking out. “The web today is built for apps—and I think we need to take it back.“ Robin Rendle Robin Rendle succinctly describes the death of blogs, the rise… Continue reading Why did blogs die off?

Productivity hacks

Two new apps that have helped my desktop productivity this month: – @CleanShot_app – the best screen capturing tool out there! – @soulver – notepad meet calculator. A smart way to explore scenarios + experiments with numbers. Originally posted on Twitter


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