About me

Proudly unemployable

I fortunately discovered this quite soon after school. (Delivering pizzas provides more freedoms than waitering in a restaurant). This is my journey of self-employment.

  • 2001-2003 ~ Whilst studying at the University of Cape Town I decided to spend a Christmas holiday working as a sales temp at Selfridges in London. On returning home, with some rand-denominated pounds, I purchased sound equipment. Disc jockeying at birthdays and weddings helped to fund my rent and social life over the next few years. The entrepreneurial bug bit.
  • 2004-2005 ~ After graduating from university I founded my first business, with two fellow graduates. Gravit8 – an I.T business solutions company. Whilst we focussed on networking solutions I explored our web design arm of the business. An exploration that eventually steered us down different paths. Gravit8 is still going strong today.
  • 2007-2008 ~ Whilst freelancing as a web designer (and blogging about it) I was asked to work on the design of an African social media aggregator called Afrigator. Instead of charging for my services I requested equity. After a successful first year we were acquired by MIH Print Africa. (Hat-tip: If it excites you, shoot for equity)
  • 2008 ~ I helped my wife launch African Cartel. Helping traffic light artists sell their work online in a curated marketplace. Our short film featured on the CNN home page.
  • 2008-2015 ~ 🚀 WooThemes. A hugely significant chapter worthy of it’s own page.
  • 2016-Present ~ A new season of rewirement. Being more present at home with the family, whilst immersing myself in new ecosystems and making some exciting early stage startup investments.
My first taste of self employment. DJ Lunatick (circa 2002)

My passions

Site colophon

  • This site is powered by the woonderful WordPress.
  • I’ve experimented with numerous hosts over the years. Most recently, my site resides on a WordPress.com business plan.
  • My logo was designed by the talented, Cape Town based illustrator, Alex Latimer.
  • Whilst I’m not particularly proud of my early archive of blog posts it encapsulates my journey and maturity as a designer, entrepreneur and human.

Selected interviews

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