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Planning a roadtrip?

Route PlannerI am going to be off, on Boxing Day, for a 10 day roadtrip to Nelspruit, the Kruger and Kwazulu Natal. I’d love to be more specific where I am going, but thats all I know so far. Its going to be a very spontaneous holiday. The way I like to do my holidays. Anyways, never driven up there before so thought a map would be required. Found a website that plans your whole route, gives you an estimated time for your drive, a step-by-step route indicator (including all the little roads) and shows a pretty little map of how to get there. Very cool website!

SHELL GEOSTAR Go well, go Shell!

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Online route planner and more … courtesy of Shell

It integrates a route planner across South Africa with a complete map than can be broken down into smaller maps for each part of the route.  It is styled as an “online car journey planner”: Here to help you find all the information you need when pl…

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