Hello Holidays!

So the time has finally come where I can happily say, “I’m off!” It’s been a long year, but a good year, our company has grown from a massive 2 employees to a whopping 4, that means we’ve doubled in size! Our services are becoming more and more specific and we can focus on what we enjoy and what makes us the money. Visit our company website early next year, http://www.gravit8.co.za, to find out more.

I’m off on a roadtrip with my lady, Xenia, and mates Mike and Cailey. We will be visiting Bethlehem, Nelspruit, a private game farm, Kruger and a bit of Kwazulu Natal. Can’t wait! Boerewors and braais, game drives and dirt roads, sun cream and swimming pools, and of course Castle and Windhoek.

So to all of you have a Merry Christmas and a huge New Year’s bash! Unfortunately, no more posts till the 9th of January most probably. But don’t miss me to much, catch you all in 2006!

Ten Four – over and out


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