Barcamp Cape Town: Unique in Design

BarCamp Cape Town

The Barcamp Cape Town logo has been redesigned. We hope you can all see the significance of the symbol, and its unique Cape Town character trait. I can’t take all the credit for the design, in fact not much at all, Coda came up with the final draft. If you haven’t read about it already, make sure to read up on this “un-conference” happening in Cape Town in June, and participate in any way you can. Its going to rock.

View the Barcamp website here.


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  1. The logo for Bar Camp Cape Town looks great. Props to Damien and yourself for the logo 🙂

  2. The logo looks great!

  3. Indeed a nice logo!

  4. Looks great on my T. Just a ptiy its hidden at the bottom in the corner though.

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