Great Web Design Guidelines for a Request for Proposal

For the guys involved in web design:

How often are you approached by someone, via email, saying they like your web portfolio, and would be interested in having a website designed by you? They barely give you a hint about what their site is about, but want a quote.

Well it happens to me often, and today I found a very handy link with some great guidelines for a request for proposal. Whether you want to read about RFP guidelines or not, visit Veerle’s blog, and be amazed by her design skills. Web 2.0 doesn’t get better than this!

Veerle's blog


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  1. Man, great link. Really, that’s a great post and great blog design.

    Veerle’s done a GREAT job on her blog. I fight the losing battle of to many things I want to link to on my blog. She’s made it possible to put a lot of extraneous stuff up there without it feeling extraneous. I like Coda’s stuff as well personally and only wish I could design half as well as either of them.

  2. Thought this might interest you – a phenomenon called anti-marketing design. Bizarre and a little far fetched at times but hey, maybe it’s for real.

  3. Thanks Katie for the link. Does sound a bit bizarre, Markus Frind’s sites look a bit too much like spam to me. I bet he has got loads of interlinked sites, offering online dating and other random advertisements. Making “$10 000 per day” that way just doesn’t sound that moral! Then again, maybe I’m just jealous.

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