Battling Blogger’s Block

As you may have noticed, I usually post something every couple days. I haven’t posted an article for the last few, largely because I have a load of work to do, but more importantly, because I think I am suffering from blogger’s block. Could it be?

It’s not that I haven’t been visiting my site, if you have a good eye for design, you will have noticed some subtle CSS design changes. It’s not that I haven’t found anything lately to write about either. There is plenty. It’s just I keep doubting whether it’s interesting enough? Or has it been written about before? Or is it technology based?

Now that I have the best tech award I feel kinda obliged to write purely tech articles. Thanks guys, you’re all stressing me out here! I think I’m going to keep the mix though, as obviously that’s what people liked, so why change the ingredients?

I thought about testing one of ProBlogger’s tips to combat blogger’s block. Darren Rowse, the King of blogging, has written a great article on this matter, defintely worth a read. I’m not going to change my blogging environment though, and more specifically, I’m not going to: “go to a friend’s house or cafe” to get my creative juices flowing again. I think my mates would probably beat me if I knocked on their door, and asked if I could blog at their house. I’m not that big a nerd, no offence Mr. Rowse.
I then thought the best way to overcome my block, was to blog about it. So that’s what I’ve done.

Blogger's Block

By Mark Forrester

Co-founder of WooThemes. Makers of WooCommerce - acquired by Automattic. Mark is a husband, dad, early stage investor, photographer, gadget geek and sports fanatic. Proudly based in Cape Town, South Africa.


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