The latest on my mother’s weed bush

This is totally tech unrelated, but I know a lot of you are keen to here the latest on …. my mother’s weed bush.

The latest on my mother's weed

My brother kindly sent the latest photo of the little guy, and wow has he grown! Where there is a will there is a way, and this little guy definitely has a will.

He has been almost completely chowed by our dog, but still fought for his little life. A couple months later he is blossoming into quite a studly fella.

The question is though, is he a he, or is he actually a she?

“Marijuana plants are either male or female. The male plants produce pollen which pollenates the flowers of the female plant, which once pollenized, produce seeds. If the female plant isn’t pollenized (if there are no male plants nearby producing pollen), the flower/buds continue to develop and produce THC. Female plants which are not pollenized are referred to as sensemilla (without seeds).

When a male enters the stage of flower development, the tips of the branches where a bud would develop will start to grow what looks like a little bud (little balls) but it will have no white hairs coming out of it. Females will have no balls and will have small white hairs.” (Courtesy of 420Concept)

Boet will you please study the above mentioned and let me know the diagnosis. I don’t think our little guy has balls, (…haha…), so either he is a tranny or we have got to give our little lady friend a new name.

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  1. this is some good shit

  2. Kyle of America Avatar
    Kyle of America

    hey where do u live becuase i live in america where it’s illegal and u have to pay big money for that that right there would around a few thousand and where i live u cant hide it in where becuase theres cops in holicaptors always flying overhead use heat seansors to find the weed i have a few friends that got busted but they said the weed lasted them the whole summer and he a big smoker u got any tips

  3. well all i can tell you is to like get a flower pot and shit…and olat that shit in ya house or if you have like a lil hole under you porch then plat it under there or move sum where else…lol…thats all i got for you …good luck


  4. THATS CRAP COME TO CALI AND CHECK OUT A REAL HYBRID. I doubt you know what the hell your doing. buy a hydro system and learn it then you can post pot plants on a web site. thats beginner shit, i grew plenty of crap plants like that when i was like 10.. sure it may produce very low percentages of cannabonoids, buy it ant real shit.

  5. […] By writing this post I am probably further promoting it’s ranking, so it is probably not the best idea. I just find it too hilarious though. Almost as hilarious as some of the comments posted by stoned weirdos. […]

  6. schizo the fitscho Avatar
    schizo the fitscho

    how much is your mom selling bankies for today? the price must have gone up since she’s a google hit 🙂

  7. Dr. Tiesto Avatar
    Dr. Tiesto

    Mother, son arrested in marijuana sting
    St. Clair County sheriff’s deputies have arrested a mother and son
    …..will you be next…lol…jking

  8. Dr. Tiesto Avatar
    Dr. Tiesto

    two simple easy to answer question….what are you expecting to accomplish with this???…o and what are you gonna do with it?

  9. i want to get high and then enjoy by looking from birds view

  10. they call me the call me knows !! Avatar
    they call me the call me knows !!

    sup yo… mate

    i guess this world we just have to learn to accept sometimes, but then things gets worse, cuz we can’t find marijuana at the right time at the same place isn’t it??

    anyway, i am here to appreciate those who smokes and those who don’t smoke, there is a difference between who smokes and who don’t.

    i would like to know that, how could you trust some company or organisations that post on the website tell you about selling weeds and deal buds etc. how could you tell if they legally doing that?? would u reather check it out the product first then by it or would u rather pay first and don’t know anything about and eventually u got ur crap back that aren’t relevant to u ?? which ??

    anyone knows how to ship international good shits ?? let say if i live in anywhere australia or new zealand and i wana get grass from united states of america or canada, how do i order them in and when do i get it and how much would i pay?? anyone got any website, phone numbers, friends, mates, anythin at all ?? let us know pls by send emails to …ha can u figure out my emails plz!!

    how do u all feel out there ?? after a good section ?? how many lessons did u had ??

    um…. there is a door open minded. . .i think i gotta go and shut it before it gets out tha control . . be right back fella’s . .

    send emails to : after when u figure out then i’ll received and by tha way “Where there is a will there is a way” sure thingys .. .mate .

    (hints: remember Where there is a will there is a way) !!

  11. This is what i have to say is that a male seed is darker and a little bit smaller than a female and also the female seed is lighter then the male.

  12. R u serious u call that a plant thats garbage!!!! come to canada and try some sweet BC Hydro my friend ull be on your ass lol

  13. beat fiasco Avatar
    beat fiasco

    yeah…its a cool plant, but hate to break it to ya, its not gonna get you high. thats a male plant, you can tell because the stem is really tall, compared to a girl plant. and the leaves aren’t strong.

  14. mr greenthum Avatar
    mr greenthum

    good on you for trying but your plant doesnt look very healthy it looks like you havnt given it any fertelizer try giving it some fertelizer high in nitrogen such as miracle grow for tomatoes and then later on when you see the first sign of bud change to miracle grow “superbloom”you might still be able to save it and next year pick up a book called marijuana growers bible by jorge cervantes.i hope ypull get high off what you get and try again next year good lock.
    ps not my real email so dont respond

  15. Garden of Weedin Avatar
    Garden of Weedin

    If I were you I wouldn’t go advertising on the web that your mother has a plant growing (of course if it’s legal in her area then ignore everything I’ve just said :)) – you’ve just given the feds a line to find you, then your mom.

    By the way, what sex was the plant and how was it? My bet was that it was a male (hope not).

    Happy growing, and the first rule of growing is “tell no one! Loose lips sink ships.”

  16. maui boi Avatar
    maui boi

    thats one fag plant no more even bud on top its all leave …
    that shit wont even get you high…..

  17. thomas Avatar

    Dude i live in holland, it’s okay to have 4 of those. And you can walk free with max. 5 gram of weed or hasj. And the street next to mine has got 2 coffeeshop’s (and in holland we can buy ‘legaly’ weed over there). And our price for some normal weed (that’s almost 4 times stronger than the weed you guy’s have in the states) is €7,50 that’s €11,70 for one gram, you know why? we even pay taxes on weedxD. But still most of the people don’t accept the use of it. Good luck with the crops!

  18. thomas Avatar

    i meant $11,70 not €

  19. man thats some poop as weak ass crap ass weed man you suck just stop grownin u want some good weed you come up to milwaukee wi ill show you some plants man lol you might aswell throw that away