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  • Magnum the super jack russel

    How this video clip has only received 222 views astonishes me. Magnum has to be one of the most legendtry jack russels in the whole entire world. His owner’s commentary is way up there too, South African boytjie slang at it’s best. Together they form a cinematographic masterpiece.

  • The Font Conference

    Some of you will probably roar with laughter, some of you just won’t get it.

  • Make your Mac sing

    If you are on a Mac do yourself a favour – copy the below text, paste it in your “Terminal” window and hit enter. If you don’t know where to find Terminal, search for it in spotlight. It’s a useful thing for geeks writing code and stuff. osascript -e ‘say “oh This is a silly […]

  • Super fast internet

    Totally unrelated to anything, but a good laugh nonetheless. I think this telesales company should be targeting South African clients rather. They will definitely be far more wowed by the 6 times fasterings.

  • Best airport announcement ever

    This little podcast made my morning. Of course you should really be a supporter of the Springboks to really enjoy this humour.

  • Give the ball to Bryan Habana

    How catchy is this song It’s stuck in my head. I’m going insane. I can’t get it out. Please Bokke win the game, otherwise I’m surrounded by a few million bragging Poms for the next few months. I’m going to have to get the first plane out of here. Photo from:

  • Schalk Burger is so tough that…

    When Schalk Burger does a pushup, he isn’t lifting himself up; he’s pushing the Earth down. When Schalk Burger goes swimming he doesn’t get wet, the water gets Schalk Burgered. When the Tokoloshe goes to sleep every night, he checks under his bed for Schalk Burger. Schalk Burger counted to infinity – twice. Schalk Burger […]

  • I don’t grow weed!

    Just to make something clear: I don’t grow weed, I don’t sell weed, I don’t want to buy a hydro system, and I know it is illegal in most countries. Why am I telling you this? Well it seems that the articles I posted in April of last year about a mysterious weed bush that […]

  • Songs of Praise (with subtitles)

    I’m sure the man upstairs will not take this offensively and hopefully find it quite hilarious.

  • The Youth of Today

    I was on the bus this afternoon, the 57 bus, returning from Wimbledon town. The bus was pretty empty…. that was until we picked up every Wimbledon school boy in a 10 mile radius. Surrounded by a bunch of snotty youngsters, who obviously believed it was very trendy to tie their school ties with the […]

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