What would you do for an iPod?

No I’m not offering one if that’s what you are expecting.

It’s amazing how much power an iPod holds. How strong the brand is. People will seem to do just about anything for one.

Locally, it looks like Cherryflava is trying his luck with the idea, and trying to spark a little viral marketing campaign. Clever. All you have to do is, “stand in busy morning traffic anywhere in South Africa with a sign stating: ‘I’m standing here to win a free iPod from Cherryflava.com”

Here’s my marketing idea:

Get an apple (you should have taken one to work for lunch, it’s good for you), cut a little 8 into the skin with a knife or something (just like in my header banner), put it on your desk, in front of a famous monument in your city, on the beach, wherever you want, and take a photo of it. Send it to me via email: me (at) markforrester (dot) co (dot) za

What do you get:

  • 5 seconds of fame on my website, perhaps a link to your site, or just a thank you email

…. I have a feeling this isn’t going to work.

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  1. You are really spending money on your prizes, i need more to sacrifice my morning apple

  2. So Mark, any takers? It turns out I have a red apple in the fridge than has a fetish for body modification …

  3. No takers yet Paul.

    Conclusion: Looks like people will only do something if there is something in it for them.

    What happened to goodwill hey?

  4. Viral marketing is a tricky business. Here’s a link to an article I read this morning about it. He basically states that in order for a viral marketing campaign to succeed, you need at least one of these things:

    Entertainment — the unit has entertainment value.
    Utility — the unit offers something the reader can use.
    Palpable reward — the unit offers instant gratification.
    Uniqueness — the unit is like nothing the reader has ever seen.

  5. Don’t give up tooo easily. I bought red apples for this reason. I just haven’t gotten around to doing the deed just yet.

  6. […] So it turns out that people won’t do anything for an ipod, but they will for 5 minutes of fame on my website. Thanks to Paul at Grouchyblogger I can proudly say my marketing idea has worked. Could this be the start of something big, should I upgrade my mailbox size? Hmmm… I don’t think so. But it does show I have some loyal readers. Thanks guys. Paul has earned a possie on my blogroll. What a lucky guy […]

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