Akkerliefies: Home grown honeys

akkerliefiesI’m not usually one who to blog about sexy ladies in little clothing, I leave that to the likes of Splattermail and the boys at Chumpstyle. Besides, I would probably get verbally abused by my girlfriend. I do blog about anything that promotes home grown talent though 🙂

Stellenbosch-based Akkerliefies does exactly that. It is an online resource and showcase featuring amateur models in bikinis, glamour and fashion photo shoots. Not only do you get to see the beautiful ladies, but you get to read about their aspirations, their academic studies, their likes and dislikes, and even tips on how you can impress them. Nice!

It is a professional and fun way for Matie students to get media publicity, and a way to enter the modeling industry.

So what you waiting for, go visit their abode. The site has just been re-launched, and there’s lots in store for the weeks to come.

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    Princess warrior is gonna kick your butt.

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