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With the World Cup underway, my eyes, like most male specimens, are glued to the television screen. Not only that, but I have entered a team into the fantasy football league, and I must say it is quite addictive stuff!

Fantasy Football League

Fingers crossed I should be earning some good points tonight. My team includes the great Henry, Ronaldinho, Silvestre and Dida, who are all playing tonight. In case you wanted to know 😉

Not only am I inspired by the football at the moment, but also by some of the projects I am working on, namely some in-house developments, which include the revamp of our company website, the redesign of Digital Farm, and the design and development of an exciting project our company will soon launch.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you about the latter of the three, as it is going to remain hush hush until the launch. It’s a Web 2.0 project though that is going to require your help, which in turn should provide you with a lot of information …

The Gravit8 website is currently a static website, developed in Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop. It’s designed in tables and relies on a stylesheet. The new site, will be a dynamic, database driven, content managed, beautifully designed masterpiece, making use of DIVs and stylesheets (even more extensively). Or at least I hope it will.

We are making use of an open source, content management system (CMS) avaliable on the net. The system is called Mambo, and it is an amazing CMS system to work with. The features of the mambo system are endless, and even though the backend system takes a bit of getting used to, it enables just about any slightly computer literate person to publish information quickly and efficiently. If you are thinking about revamping your website, I urge you to use this platform to work from. Or even better, contact us, and we’ll help you customise it.

I’m looking forward to a particular workshop at the unconference, Barcamp, this week, which will be covering “Things to face up to using an open source CMS” and “Joomla”. Joomla being a very similar CMS system to Mambo. Remember it’s not too late to sign up. 🙂

As for the redesign of Digital Farm, it’s pretty much finished, just ironing out some minor bugs. Maybe next week you’ll be seeing it?

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  1. Joomla is actually a branch of Mambo. Joomla 1.5 is up and coming as we speak, and Mambo 4.6 is already in the stores. I have had the opportunity to check out both contestants, and I must say that Joomla seems to be winning the competition.

  2. Thats very interesting, thanks Torkil.

    Question for you? Are custom made Mambo modules compatible with Joomla? And can Mambo template files be used for Joomla?

  3. I played around a little with Mambo a while ago and couldn’t work out how to do half the things I wanted to do. I do like Drupal though, it has a nice interface and it would be great to have some time to play with the new version some time.

    Looking forward to seeing your new site design!

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