I’ve been domkopped


This morning Wezzo pointed out to me that I’ve been domkopped. For those of you that aren’t familar with Domkop, it is basically a a couple guys that write a blog that reviews South African blogs, more specifically it is known for “reviewing the worst blogs in South Africa”.

Obviously, with a tag line like that I was quite concerned when visiting the post, expecting the absolute worse. To my surprise, Menasseh went pretty easy on me though, his criticism was not only bordering on positive, but quite constructive as well.

I’m not going to repeat what Menasseh said, rather go visit his site, have a think about what he says, and let me know if you agree with him.

One thing I must correct you on is that I do have a “posted by” area, next to the heading. Its something that came with the new design.

My crit for Domkop:

Allow non-blogger users to be able to comment. Currently you have to enter your blogger username and password. For those of us not using Google blogger, we can’t have our say on your site. Not the best first impression. So here is the comment I tried leaving on your site:

I was expecting the worse when Wezzo from Chumpstyle let me know I’d been domkopped, but after reading your review, I must say it’s been very informative.

Thanks for all the feedback Menasseh. I’ll defintely have a think about what you’ve had to say.

And maybe if I’ve got a spare moment I’ll design you a logo.

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  1. Changed the comments. Seems like wezzo is our most frequent visitor. wow… who would have thought. pity i missed the whole tiff between VhailorZ and ChumpStyle back when domkop started.

    hope you have some spare time soon.

  2. Seems like quite a positive review. The questions regarding the purpose of ones blog etc are relevant to most of us and its good that they highlighted them.
    They have however opened up speculation regarding their own blog, its name, purpose and mission

  3. Good point Rob! I think its time for a bit of Domkop’s own medicine 🙂

    Any answer Menasseh?

  4. So this is the new look ‘n feel huh?

  5. I was waiting for you to show your face here Tripeak. Is that the only comment I get?

    This is the “new look ‘n feel”. Hit me with some designer’s crit. 🙂

    I can take it.

  6. LOL. To be honest with you I expected something completely different from what you had before – in fact I was thinking maybe this is the ‘interim’ / ‘cross over’ design to get yr readers use to the new layout (which i like).

    I’m still strugeling with my ‘fluid’ layout and noticed you have the same left/ right scrolling problem on 1024×768 and lover resolutions.

    Lastly… I would place a grey background on yr “Piggy Bank” section and round off the corners (like with the left hand nav).

    Dont u just love FAM FAM FAM icons. lol

  7. Rasta Rebel Avatar
    Rasta Rebel

    du bist ein dumkopf. ehrlich…

  8. Hah..!! Are they still at it?!?
    And … Wez wtf are you you doing there that often dewd? haha

  9. Irony – the buggers crit me today as well – and not a minute too late. Ak!

  10. Haha, that is rather ironic!

    I think they went easier on me than you. Take it with a pinch of salt!

  11. Hi Mark,

    Cool site and I don’t think Domkop had any option, but to go easy on you. They can’t really complain.

  12. Mark

    Haha… Nah … nothing serious. I actually enjoyed VhailorZ’s CRIT. He is pointing out some aspects about my blog, which I myself thought of. I answered his views on my blog.

  13. HAHAHA @

    “And maybe if I’ve got a spare moment I’ll design you a logo.“

    Thats telling them.. their blog is below average.

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