British Motor Show 2006

So last weekend I went to the RAF Air Show in Fairford, this last wednesday I managed to get hold of free tickets to the British Motor Show. What a testosterone-filled week.

Might I remind you Wednesday 19 July 2006 was a very hot day. Very hot. The hottest day July has ever seen reported the newspapers! Now imagine a 3 hour train journey in 36 degree heat, followed by a half hour underground tube ride in 47 degree heat! 47 degrees! Quite uncomfortable.

I did get there semi-alive, minus a few kilograms of sweat, nothing a few pints of Stella Artois couldn’t fix!

The show was packed full of all the big car brands. A few of my favourites can be seen below.

London Motor Show 2006

Excuse the third picture, I’m not sure how she managed to get in the way!

My favourite car must have been the Hummer H2, I’m a big fan of the bling, especially when it’s a good 15 meters long and sitting on 24 inch rims 🙂

Hummer H2
Hummer H2 Limo

Also managed to get a ride around a 4X4 track in a Kia. 5 of us packed into the car, driving up a 35 degree incline bridge, sounds tame, but I promise you its not. Scary, yet quite impressive. I never thought much of Kia until I saw it perform on Wednesday.

I got back to the Cotswolds at about midnight, probably still around 25 degrees celcius!

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  1. OMG!!! I would have loved to be there!!! I kinda hate you right now – this looks like it was awesome.

  2. Rasta Rebel Avatar
    Rasta Rebel

    i think you should have had more pics like number 3!!

  3. hey nice cars you guys have,but i have a suggestion to make.if yall gonna take a pic of o girl from the back make sure she have a ass on her.thank you very much

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