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Coda published a post a couple days ago about some php functions that interface with Flickr. Basically, what that means in English is: some code that allows you to view your Flickr photos on your blog, without having to visit the Flickr site.

I was pretty lost after visiting the links he prescribed. I’m defintely no php guru, I leave that kind of work to the developers. “Functions” and “Includes” are a foreign language to me.

Instead of giving up right there and then, I looked for an easier way of intergrating Flickr and WordPress. Then I found FAlbum, a plugin that did exactly what I wanted. Without any coding. It was an easy to install, pretty self explanatory, free piece of open source code.

Check out my WordPress/Flickr page now. I still have to customize the CSS a little, but I’m very happy with the functionality.


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  1. FAlbum certainly makes life easy, but watch out, some of that functionality turns your album pages to treacle, especially when viewed over a humble dial-up link, and even more so when you start enabling the functionality that uses protocol.js. I did a lot of work on FAlbum in the early stages, but I feel it’s become a bit bloated recently. Fine if you’ve got a nice 2Mb ADSL link, but 512Mb ADSL isn’t popular in SA, let alone 2Mb.

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