Death of a President

Last night I joined the millions of other pommies in watching the much hyped Channel 4 documentry entitled “Death of a President“.

“Set in the near future, the drama imagines the assassination of George W Bush and examines America’s reaction to it.”

The documentry uses real life footage of George W at various functions, and with some clever video editing, the drama paints a very realistic picture of his assasination in October 2007.

This documentry has been advertised on the front of newspapers and on massive billboards at some underground tube stations. The striking image of a wounded George W Bush being held up by one of his bodyguards was the shock advertising tactic chosen to sell this documetry. A very powerful ad, but a bit distasteful?

I’m not a big fan of Mr. Bush, but I do sympathise with him a bit. There are a lot of people out there that hate his guts and blame him for a lot of things which make this assassination quite foreseeable.

Imagine a documentry made about the, God forbid, assassination of Nelson Mandela. Would that be broadcasted in South Africa? I think not.

Death of a President

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  1. Nelson Mandela, no. Jacob Zuma, yes. 😀

    Documentary sounds very interesting, I wonder if we’ll get to see it over here.

  2. Yeah I think if it were Jacob Zuma it would be a whole different story 🙂

  3. Yeah, Bush is definitely more comparable to Zuma than he is to Mandela. Nobody in SA has anything against Mandela, but loads of people in the US are sick and tired of Bush.

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