17 slices of pizza

So this week has been pretty frantic. Lots of boring proposals have been written, and mock-up designs created. The limited time I have spent away from my desk has been spent swimming at the local leisure centre. At the wrong time I might add. With a gazillion pommy toddlers, splashing me with heavily chlorinated water, and swimming across my lane. Grrrr…

On Tuesday my cousins and I hit the Pizza Hut for the 3.99 pound Buffet Lunch Special. I managed to eat 17 slices of pizza. Warning: This may seem a good idea at the time, but you will regret it. It’s a lot of cheese.

Enough about me and my boring week. If you haven’t already, check out Viral Video Chart. It looks like they have updated their website and you can now view the most popular YouTube, MySpace and Google Videos on the internet from within their site. No more external links. A great source of lunchtime entertainment. Well for those of you Saffas with a decent internet connection at least 🙂

Talking about updates, I have been playing around with the links template page of this site and learnt a good few tricks about WordPress. If enough of you are interested I’ll post an article about it?

My favourite TV ad

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  1. Yes Mark, I’m interested, being a non-techie person I have had to learn the hard way how to mess about with wordpress, often with disastrous consequences. I still can;t figure out how I have cocked up my sidebar so that when reading a single post the entire sidebar is missing, its fine in the main page but missing when you click on an actual post.

    Also, remember how many hits you got when you psoted your last “tutorial”.

  2. Mmm – erm, I was expecting to see my link in that list…. he he.

    ANYway… I agree with Dave, posting about the WP tips are ultimately a gr8 thing to do!

  3. My apologies Gideon. You were in my original list, but somehow got lost when I re-categorized my links. I am happy to say you are now sitting cosily between “Joshua Ink” and “The Man in Blue”. What distinguished neighbours?

  4. LOL. yeah – truly in good compay there! And soon you’ll see it’s worth it – my X.mas pressie to all of you… a new look + the long awaited PORTFOLIO.

  5. Oi! No more Pizza Hut, or the next time you throw on your speedo and head down to the pool you’ll terrify the CRAP out of those pommy sprogs! On second thoughts…

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