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Last night, after a grueling 50 lap swim of the outdoor swimming pool at David Lloyds Leisure Centre, I received an sms from my sister back in Cape Town. “Greg & I r engaged! I’m surrounded by 300 roses“.

After I picked my jaw up from off the ground I ran home to call her up. Just to double check it was true, and not my boet playing a prank on me with her cellphone.

It is true! My little sister is engaged. Greg proposed to Poppy at Moyo Restaurant on the Spier Wine Farm, singing “Hello my Baby” by Ladysmith Black Mambazo, accompanied by 15 of the Moyo staff harmonizing, and carrying 300 roses.

Got to give it to you Greg, you got some lady charming skills!

Congratulations to you both! May your lives together be filled with much love and happiness.

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  1. Thanks Mark,
    didn’t think It’d make it to the blog world!
    You even got the link to the lyrics…
    PS. I think that link to the restaurant is actually to, it’s flattering that u think i had that also.

    You have a wonderful sister. Looking Forward to seeing you on the damp island!

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