The Brothers Streep

I’ve been keeping a close eye on a couple mate’s band back in Cape Town. Their name is “The Brothers Streep”.

The brothers’ streep are an acoustic duo combining imaginative, humorous, and often just simply random song writing, with impressive harmonies and catchy melodies. they are a band that are primarily interested in sharing their joy with others, so download their songs, become their friends, and light up your day with their music.

I recently visited their myspace page to listen to some of their latest tracks, and they got some very catchy tunes there! I especially like their tune “I guess this is goodbye”. Check it out.

They have also produced a hilarious little anti-piracy advert. Maybe I find it so funny because I know them, and I appreciate their kind of humour. Anyways, I think it is definitely worth the wait for it to download, especially for you guys in South Africa 🙂

You got to give it to them for creativity?

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