This has nothing to do with the new iPhone

Whilst most of the South African blogs seem to be getting 2007 off to a roaring start, I have done quite the opposite, with only 2 posts in 12 days. I’m completely snowed under at the moment. Not literally, the English winter still seems to be surprisingly warm at the moment. Not warm by Cape Town standards, but remaining around 10 degrees most days. Back to the purpose of this post though.

I’m working on a few exciting wordpress themes for some great clients, hopefully you’ll be seeing them soon.

Errr… that’s pretty much the purpose of this post, to explain why I’ve been quiet, to beg for your forgiveness, and to bulk up my site content for 2007.

I leave you with this great video of a very expensive pub game prank. Imagine this happened to you.

Please taken note I made no reference to the new iPhone in this post. Well besides the title, and now, but I’m not going to hyperlink to any reviews of it. What is with every second blog freely advertising Apple’s new product for them? Come on guys! They’ve got enough money to spend on some advertising, and enough in the piggy bank to then buy a small country.

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