Blood Diamond

Last night I finally got to see Blood Diamond. It’s been talked about by numerous South African bloggers, one has even been interviewed about it. It’s not often a movie receives praise from a very large percentage of bloggers, bloggers are usually brutally honest, but this one has.

Mark “I-wanna-be-a-film-critic” Forrester was a bit skeptical at first, an African story being told by a Hollywood production team, yet he came out of the movie, not quite impressed, but very impressed. Although the movie has some underlying Hollywood cheese to it, the vivid Black Hawk Down type imagery of human cruelty and suffering, Leo’s brilliant South African accent, a beautiful African landscape, and a level of intensity that will certainly stir the soul and perhaps inspire activism are the ingredients to this great movie.

It’s a must see people! Go now.

Blood Diamond

Yeah, yeah your thinking, enough about the movie now, your the last one to blog about it Mark, it’s old news. Ok fine, sorry, let’s move on then.

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  1. Sounds like an excellent film. I can’t wait to see it.

    My problem is, the wife thinks it will be too intense for her – so I’m doomed to watch it on the small screen, some months from now.

  2. Markie, agreed that Blood Diamond is an awesome movie – ‘what a wanker’; but I’m not too sure on Adaptation hey…maybe if you tripping on some serious tranqualisers..

  3. Hey Paul, surprise your wife, say your taking her to a nice restaurant. Put a blindfold on her, and ear muffs. She’ll be really excited. Then take it off just as the trailers end, and the movie starts. You might need a seat belt though.

    Seriously though, as an African she must watch it.

    Gazza, Adaptation rocks dude. You have to get past the weirdness of it and read into the deeper level. 🙂

  4. Is it watchable? I’m interested in the content, but every time the trailer comes on Leo’s HORRENDOUS Saffie accent puts me right off…

  5. It is most definitely watchable Meri. Leo’s accent starts a bit rusty, but it seems to improve throughout the movie. He definitely did his homework.

  6. Loved the movie. It was a brilliant story, shot well and definitely took me back home.

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