Spread the love this Valentine’s Day

Coda has relaunched the “Spread the love” website just in time for Valentine’s Day. Rush on over to the new site to have a look at the latest, uniquely South African cards. Pick the one that you know your ladyfriend/blokefriend will giggle at, fill in a little form, and voila, you have the cheapest Valentine’s solution ever. I strongly advise that this card goes in conjunction with something though. Take them for Spur ribs! Hmmm… maybe not.

You will notice a slight change in functionality with the new site. No longer are the cards Valentine’s Day specific. You can now use the cards for any special person on any special day. You can even be anonymous.

Make sure you check out all the cards, as there are some real gems. You might even stumble upon a contribution from me 🙂

Three cheers for Coda. Hip hip…

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  1. Yay for Coda! One of the best things about last valentines day so i’m really chuffed he’s done it again… although i think the originals are still the best… But still, Yay!

  2. “Leave Your Mark”, lol, was that intentional? 😉

    Thanks for the post and comments guys, verry niice!

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