Thursday Tunes

Over the past few weeks, submerged in photoshop work, I have managed to find a few great indie tracks lurking around Myspace. SO without further ado i present to you my “Thursday Tunes” (yeah I know it doesn’t rhymes, but there is some basic alliteration in there).

Simply click on the song title, surf over to the corresponding Myspace page and play the tune in the standalone music player:

Palms Up

Palms Up: Storm

A great tune off the new album of one of my rugga bugger mates and his band that is taking Cape Town by storm.

Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave: Eyes

Rogue Wave is an indie band based in California. I heard this awesome track in the first episode of my new favourite TV series, “Heroes”. Check out “Heroes” on my new favourite website 🙂

Farryl Purkiss

Farryl Purkiss: Ducking and Diving

A South African solo artist, traveling the world, living his dream, and even writing songs with artists like Jack Johnson and Ben Lee.

Morning Runner

Morning Runner: Burning Benches

My favourite tune at the moment that I discovered in the new Adidas “Impossible is nothing” commercial that’s on tellie here in the UK at the moment.

Right I’m off to play with photoshop again for another few hours, then off for a weekend away in the English countryside. Have a great Easter break everyone!

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  1. Hey Mark… I met you at the first BarCampLondon, we talked for quite a while. Morning Runner is my mates band! The lead singer actually played the drums at my wedding! They are rather rocking and good additions to your list… Laters

  2. oi bugger, the english countryside ain’t all its cracked up to be. but you’re safer away from the wombles at any rate. have a fab easter xx

  3. Mike: How you bro! Good to see ya in my ghetto.

    What a small world. Haven’t listened to too much of their other tunes, but what I have heard is great. Definitely have to look out for their next London gig.

    Love your “discovery log” btw. Nice use of typography. Have a great Easter!

    GW: English countryside rocks. I lived the first ten years of my life surrounded by it so I’m a bit biased. A pint of lager at the local pub, the pretty daffodils outside, and South Hill cricket club over the road. The life.

    Enjoy your hol too!

  4. i’ve spent too long in it now, thats my problem. i’m over the daffodils already and the pub is never bloody open. but think of me working whilst you suck back on the good life… don’t feel sorry, don’t feel guily, just spare a thought. and a beer or two.

  5. Lil Brother Avatar
    Lil Brother

    bru knew youd been into heroes!! am so ahead of you…

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