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As most South African bloggers, and South African blog readers, know Afrigator Alpha launched in the first week of April. Afrigator is a blog aggregator for the African continent. News about the launch has flown around the blogosphere and already a large amount of blogs have signed up with the service.I was approached by Mike Stopforth and Justin Hartman 4 days before the leak of the news of the launch, and requested to design a logo for the website, as well as a branded interface. Over the weekend I agonised over colour combinations, font types, and vector aligator sketches and came up with the end result that is now being broadcasted over the blogosphere.

I must say it is quite awesome to see my badges plastered over African blogs and read the stories of people who have raved about the system, and its design. There is still much work to be done for the Beta launch, but working alongside Mike and Justin is a pleasure.

Afrigator Design

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  1. You’ve done an AWESOME job on Afrigator Mark and I’m pleased to have you on board!!!!

  2. I agree with Justin – I love the simplicity of it!

  3. Fantastic work Mark! Top notch. Identity work is always such a challenge. I may need to hit you up for some advice in the near future. You have such a great knack for logo work.

  4. Kudos! it’s a beautiful design and an even better logo. (I love green..its so refreshing)

  5. clever little fancy pants BoffinJock! particularly loving the two little ‘Afrigator’d’ ones on the right. guess i ain’t gettin any freelance design work with you kicking around the place ;p

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. I’m glad the Afrigator design is so well liked.

    Lorissa: I’d love to be of assistance. Shoot me a mail whenever you like.

    GW: I didn’t even know you were looking! I know you are a AAA graduate, but is your focus in graphic design or web design? Enjoy your hol back home.

  7. Excellent design my friend!

  8. With the newly procured title of Ex-Granny Wrangler i’ll take just about anything i can get! I’m more art direction and graphic design – i struggle to just get the whole html thing to put stuff into italics going. Generally. Thank you, i shall enjoy my holiday IMMENSELY (“,)

  9. Dude, you’re a genius. Honestly. I love your design work and although your designs have not come out tops in recent competitions, I certainly voted for them! Love it. Keep doing what you do.

  10. Love the afrigator logo… Top shelf stuff

  11. The Afrigator logo is very clean, very smooth and it blends in together nicely with the website design and that’s why I thinks it’s a great logo. After looking at your portfolio I’ll definitely be watching for your future designs.

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