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I’ve been frightfully busy designing logos, customizing content management systems, writing website proposals, and even attending the “Future of Website Design” conference in Kensington, London. I’ve got so much still to do before I leave for my holiday to Cape Town this Sunday (can’t wait!). Hence the lack of posts.

Rather than spending the few spare minutes I have writing on my blog I will point you to an interview I did with Adii last week.

Who is interested in me writing an article on what the conference was all about? Would you actually be interested, or would I be wasting my precious time?

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  1. If you come with an interesting angle on it, that would be interesting.
    Me, particularly, I’d be interested in what worked for the conference and what didn’t.

  2. Firstly, I am jealous you are going to CT – but have a fab time!

    I would have loved to attend the conference, so I’m interested in it all – anything you have to share on it really. I know time is short though.

  3. Yeah Mark, I’ve gotta agree with Dave & Lorissa. Some interesting tit-bits on the conference will be good.

    And thanks again for the interview – I really liked doing it!

  4. Dave: Very good idea for an angle. I’ll work with that. Hopefully there is something to learn for Tech4Africa!

    Lorissa: Can’t wait, hoping the weather will still be good there though. My holiday plans never make much sense to many people. Most say you’ve fought the tough English Winter only to go for a holiday when Cape Town is cooling down and England is warming up. There is reasoning this time though, my sister’s wedding.

    Adii: Tit-bits coming your way. Was a good change from the usual with the interview so thank you.

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