Album Chart Show

Kate Nash at the Album Chart Show

Monday night was spent clapping and cheering, smiling and waving at Koko nightclub in Camden Town. A couple weeks before Monday night I registered with, a one-stop-shop for free television and radio audience tickets. Upon registration I was asked what television shows i would be interested in being a part of, naturally the music shows were the ones I was keen to see, so I signed up for probably the best music show around here in England, The Album Chart Show.

A week later I found out I had 4 free tickets to see Kate Nash (one of my new favourite artists) Calvin Harris (funky disco music), Newton Faulker (absolutely awesome guitarist! ) and KT Tunsall (pretty cool, but not quite my cup of tea). All huge artists over here in the UK at the moment.

The queue outside Koko was massive, and I was quite hesitant we would get in as the tickets were on a first come first served basis, and nothing was guaranteed. Koko is huge though, an awesome converted theatre nightclub. It was littered with fancy cameras, spotlights, smoke machines and backstage crew, not to mention the few thousand of us happy clappers.

Besides all the fake smiling and wooing, it was great fun and well worth the 0 pounds it cost us! If you are in London sign up with these guys and you too could be on your way to see some great live performances.

Kate Nash’s song “Foundations” that she performed for us. Also check out “Birds“, my favourite of her songs.

Watch the show on Saturday Afternoon! 11th August 2:00pm Channel E4.

Update: Here is the preview clip to the show I was at:

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  1. Yo Mark …

    My self and the missus actually signed up with them, wanting tickets for the Friday Night Project. So, we got some, went along, queued for two full hours, then they cut the queue off 12 people in front of us, and told us they were full. Never mind the 400 odd people behind us! ARGHHHH !
    Although, Imust say, it’s a pretty good idea, and well worth it if you actually make it in 🙂

  2. Hey Dave,

    Crap one mate! I was dreading that was going to happen as the queue was right around the block, no kidding, somehow we made it inside quite easily, and quickly though!

    Try get tickets to The Album Chart Show! You won’t regret it.

  3. Yeah, Ive received numerous emails telling me tickets are available for me to go to it, but I have just been a little yellow about it happening again.

    Any hoo, I reckon I better just be brave?

  4. Be brave. We got there at 6.15pm and were advised to be there at 6.30pm. If you get there by 6pm I’m sure you’d get in fine!

    Don’t hold me accountable for anything though 🙂

  5. Cheers for the advice … 🙂

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