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I was recently asked by Tertia Albertyn to re-design her Typepad weblog.Tertia’s blog, So Close, was this year’s winner of the South African Blog Awards. Her blog focuses on life after infertility and has a huge amount of readers, it has even featured in a lot of South African press. It was therefore not a hard decision to take up the responsibility of the job. Tertia was a great client to deal with and gave me very few guidelines to follow, I could therefore play around with what ever creative ideas I had. It had to have an African feel though, and include her lovely children in some way.

Tertia's So Close

This was my first Typepad theme design and I must say it was much easier than I thought it might be. Typepad is a very powerful system, and with a professional license it allows for heavy customization of the stylesheet files giving you complete control of the blog layout.

I hope you like the end result.

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  1. Awesome stuff Mark, is it still in Beta though? I see the About page is still the same as before.

  2. Hey Mark, I absolutely love your designs and am very inspired by your creativity. Top-notch stuff, if I wasn’t trying to become a designer myself I would certainly employ your services!

  3. Hey Wezz, you are very observant. I just noticed that a few minutes ago. Somehow only that page hasn’t accepted the new theme design. Will get that fixed. With that fixed it will be the final product, no beta phase.

    Capdog: Thanks for the compliment. Glad you are somewhat inspired by my sites. I learnt a lot of my design skills through the web and going through countless tutorials. I’d advise you do the same. The internet has such a wealth of freely available resources!

  4. Tertia’s new site looks GREAT. Mine, however, does not. What do you charge?

    E-mail me, please? at

  5. Love your work Mark!!!

    Mark was great to work with, he was so patient and always willing to try something out. And didn’t swear at me once when I said “actually, I prefer it the way you had it before”

    Highly recommend Mark. A true professional.

  6. Nice work Mark – great read too!

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